What is the difference between cnidaria and ctenophores? Is ctenophore a part of coelenterata too? Please give complete information

  Cnidaria Ctenophora
  They are highly diversified Less diversified with compare to cnidarians
  Mostly marine Exclusively marine
  Sessile or free swimming They swim with help of comb plates.
  Presence of cnidoblast cell or stinging cell, characteristic of this phylum. The body of ctenophores possess comb plate which are characteristic of this phylum.
  Exhibit two types of body form polyp and medusa.  They do not exhibit two forms.
  Alternation of generation is present in this phylum Absent
  They don't show bioluminescence Show bioluminescence

Phylum Cnidaria is known as coelenterata whereas Ctenophora is a different phylum. Initially the both phylum were kept under colentrata but now they are separated.

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