what is the difference between conjunctions and prepositions???? and what do u exactly mean by prepositions???

Conjunctions are words that are used to join two or more words, phrases, clauses or sentences. For example: and, but, either…or, neither…nor, as, because, after, before, since etc.

A preposition is a word that expresses relation to another word or element and is usually placed before a noun or a pronoun. For example: across, on, in, by, off, out, to, etc. 

Thus, while conjunction acts as a joining word, preposition adds meaning while establishing a relationship between different elements.

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 conjunction is a fanboy (for,and,nor,but, or, yet) and connects two independant clauses. a preposition is telling the position of something. (with, over, under, around, between, ect)

A preposition is a word such as `by', `for', `into', or `with' which usually has a noun group as its object.

hope this helps

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