What is the difference between division and phylum and why division is of plants and phylum is of animals?

Both phylum and division are specific positions or ranks in classification that lies below kingdom and above class. The difference between them is phylum refers to animals and division refers to plants. In fact phylum is only used in Kingdom Animalia whereas division is used in almost all other kingdoms. If number of species is considered, divisions cover much more species than that of all the phyla together contain.

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so Division is the alternative instead of phylum and Phylum is an official level of classification of organisms (Vertebrata, Mollusca, Arthropoda, etc.) Division is not an official designation of any level of classification.

A taxonomic category that is a primary division of a kingdom and ranks above a class in size is called phylum. and  the botanical counterpart of a phylum is called a division 

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 why division is of plants and phylum is of animals?


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