What is the difference between Empathy and Sympathy?

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Empathy means understanding the feeling of others by putting yourself in their position. It might be that you can feel the pain of their suffering simply because you might have gone through the same experience in the past. For e.g, 'Mrs Brown put a hand on her sister's shoulder. Being a widow for about a couple of years now, she knew that no words of comfort could be of any help to her sister who recently lost her husband.'
Sympathy refers to acknowledging the pain of others and providing them comfort and assurance. It is sometimes referred to with disapproval as it means the showing of pity to the suffering people. For e.g, 'The villages sympathised with the woman who was beaten daily by her husband. However, they lacked the courage to provide her real help.'

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Empathy-the ability to understand and share the feelings of another
sympathy-feelings of pity and sorrow for someone else's misfortune."they had great sympathy for the flood victims" synonyms: commiseration, pity,
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