what is the difference between finkelstein rxn and Swarts rxn

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The Finkelstein reaction is an SN2 reaction that involves the exchange of lighter halogen atom (from Cl ) by heavier halogen atom from alkyl halide. Halide exchange is an equilibrium reaction. While, Swartz reaction is a reaction in which alkyl fluorides are formed when alkyl bromide or chloride reacts with metal fluorides.

So, in the two reactions the product is similar type while the mode of reaction is reverse as in Finkelstein reaction lower alkyl halides(R-Cl)  react with higher metal halide(KI) to give higher alkyl halide (R-I) while in Swartz reaction higher alkyl halide (R-Cl) react with lower metal halide(AgF) to form lower alkyl halide (R-F).

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Finkelstein reaction is for the preparation of alkyl iodides whereas Swarts reaction is for the preparation of alkyl fluorides.

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