what is the difference between haemophilia and thalassemia?

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hemophilia is the deficiency of blood, this  is where you have a low platelete count and bleed very easily and don't clot that well.  Hemophilia is either hereditary or caused by a spontaneous mutation. 
there are a few variations of this blood clotting disorder.
Factor(Proteins) VIII, IX, and von Willibrand all have the same problems. Lack of proteins in the blood, created in the liver, that bind and create clots.


Thalassaemia is the name of a group of genetic, inherited disorders of the blood. More 

specifically, it is a disorder of the haemoglobin molecule inside the red blood cells. It is 

an inherited genetic disease i.e. a disease that is passed from parents to children 

through the genes (genetic). It is not infectious and cannot be passed on from one 

individual to the other by personal or any other contact, nor through blood, transfusion 

food or air. The two main types of thalassaemia are ß (beta) and α (alpha). Both affect 

the production of normal haemoglobin -a key constituent of human red blood cells. Other 

“abnormal” types of adult haemoglobin also known as Structural Haemoglobin Variants 

have been identified and these include: mainly: Haemoglobin S (HbS), Haemoglobin E 

(HbE), C, D and Lepore. in this patient needs blood transfussion every 20-- 22 days

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  i m also suffering from thalassemia disease... 

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