what is the difference between heliotropism and phototropism

It is the directional motion of plants parts in response to sunlight.
For example, Sunflower face is the direction of sun due to their ability of 'heliotropism'.
It is the growth movement of plants in response to light stimulus 
For example, growth of the sunflower plant towards light is phototropism.

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 Heliotropism is a response to sunlight as opposed to general light conditions. Various plants show heliotropism the most obvious being the sunflower that racks the suns path during the day. Osteospermum, scarlet pimpernel and other plants only fully open their flowers in response to bright sunlight. 

Phototropism is a more general response to light by various parts of a plant. Normally the leaves and flowers tend to seek light while the roots tend to have a negative phototropism.
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