What is the difference between Histogram and bar graph?

A histogram and a bar graph looks similar but they have more differences than similarities :

1.A bar graph can be drawn for both discrete and random date but histogram can only be drawn for continuos data.

2.The width of the rectangle in a bar graph is of no significance but in a histogram width of the rectangles represent class-width and is equally important as height of the bar.

3.Area under each rectangle represents proportional frequency in a histogram whereas there is no such explanation in bar graph.

4.There are no gaps left between the rectangles in a histogram,whereas a bar graph has gaps left between the bars.

5. Representing a data as histogram gives us the value of "mode"

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1. A bar graph is a kind of visual representation of comparing values.

2. A histogram is a kind of bar graph that displays a more specific way of presenting comparisons.

3. The bar graph is often used to show a visual comparison of discrete elements, while the histogram is used to show the frequency of non-discrete, continuous items.

4. The items in the histogram are usually numbers, that are grouped or categorized in such a way that they are considered to be ranges. In regards to bar graphs, the elements or items are taken as separate entities.

5. Normally, a bar graph is drawn or depicted in a such a way, that a bar representing the frequency of an item, is not touching the bar of the next item. There is a visible space between the bars.

6. The bars in the histogram are always the touching the next one. There are no spaces in between.

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