what is the difference between humidity and precipitation.


It is defined as amount of water vapour in air. The effect of high humidity indicates the likelihood if fog or precipitation. Also, if the humidity is high, we sweat more but our sweat is not evaporated much. As a result we feel hot. This is commonly seen in coastal areas like Mumbai, Kolkata etc.


Precipitation - 

  1. When air becomes saturated with water vapour, then water condenses from gaseous state, to liquid state, and falls down to Earth in the form of drizzle, rain, hail, snow (water solidifies to ice). Precipitation is a caused by the presence of humidity in the air.


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HUMIDITY-the amount of water vapour precent in the air is known as humidity.it varies frm place to place and frm time to time.

PRECIPITATION-the falling of condesed water vapour is known as precipitation.

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