what is the difference between immigrant and emigrant?

@ mannatkamra Great attempt! Keep up the spirit of helping your friends.
@ niket.jain The meanings of immigrant and emigrant that will help you understand these terms are:

Immigrant:  A person moving into a country from another country.

Emigrant: A person who is moving out of a country to another country.

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Here's the easy trick
Immigration is when people come into the country. Easy to remember b/c "I" on immigrate states for into.

Emmigration is when people exit or leave the country for another place.
"e" on emigrate for exit

example in context:
Due to the potato famine in Ireland people emigrated from there. Most if them immigrated to the united states near Boston

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 Immigrants are those people who arrive in the country whereas emigrants are those pepple who live in the country.

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