what is the difference between Interrogative Pronouns and interrogative adjectives.

Interrogative Pronoun

An interrogative pronoun is a pronoun used in order to ask a question. Often it has no antecedent because the antecedent is unknown. That is why the question is being asked!


In modern English there are five interrogative pronouns:


what, which, who, whom, and whose.


Note that all five words may also be used as relative pronouns. A relative pronoun may be found in a question; an interrogative pronoun is found only in a question.


In addition, these pronouns may take the suffixes -ever and -soever.


Interrogative adjectives.

As their name suggests, interrogative adjectives are those adjectives that are used in questions. In Spanish, they take the same form as the interrogative pronouns, although only a few of the pronouns can be used as adjectives.


which dish would you like?

What people are going to come?

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