What is the difference between M.P and M.L.A ?

MP means a member of Parliament.He belongs to the Parliament(either Lok Sabhs or Rajya Sabha).MLA stands for Member of Legislative Assembly.He or she belongs to the State Legislature(either Vidhan Sabha or Vidhan Parishad)

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MP stands for member of parliment and MLA stands for member of legislative assembly. MP is the elected representative of the people in lok sabha or a member of rajya sabha elected by the legislative assembly of each state.

MLA is the  representative elected by the people of state legislative assembly. a MP represents a larger constituency than a MLA. each state has 4 to 9 MLAs for every MP.

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Explaination by yasheen:
 Indian democracy has three parts: 
1. Legislature (Lok Sabha/ Rajya Sabha / State Assemblies, etc) 
2. Judiciary (All Courts - Supreme Court, High Court, etc) 
3. Executive (All Govt machinery, Ministers, and other Govt offices under them) 

India has three levels of governance: 

1. Federal (Union Govt) 
2. State Govt 
3. Local Govt (Udaipur Municipal Corporation, village panchayats, etc) 

All the levels of governance have all the three parts, legislature, judiciary and executive. 

Now to answer your questions, MP is a Member of Parliament (which could be Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha ). So, yes you are right that MP is bigger in the sense that they represent a larger constituency and form part of the Union Govt legislature. 

MLA on the other hand is a member of state legislature (Vidhan Parishad). You would have also heard MLC, they are the same too. They are members of state legislature - Legislative Council. 

So as MLA represents a smaller constituency in the State Government system, they are lesser in stature than the MPs.
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Thanks bro
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Somebody who is elected in legislative assembly is called MLA

Somebody who is elected in lok sabha election is called MP
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Member of the legislative assembly (MLA) is a representative elected by the voters of an electoral district(constituency) to the legislation of a state in the Indian system of government.

Member of parliament(MP) is the member of  either of the two houses(Rajya Sabha  and Lok Sabha)
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