What is the difference between manure and fertilisers?

Plant or animal origin
Chemical synthesized or manufactured
Organic in nature
Inorganic in nature
Natural product
artificial product
less concentrated
More concentrated
Supply organic matter
Supply inorganic matter
slowly available
May or may not be readily  available 
Supply all the primary nutrients including Micronutrient
Supply specific type of nutrients one, two or three. micro nutrients may or may not be present
Improves physical condition of soil
Do not improve the physical condition of soil
No bad effect when applied in large quantities.
Adverse effect on plant whenever there is deficiency or excessive application

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manures are eco friendlyand are prepared biologicaly whereas fertilizer are prepared in chemical factories

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 manures are natural made easily and of low cost while fertilezers are artificial, costly and harmful to nature also difficult to manufacture.

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manures-  they r prepared from organic waste and dead leaves. they r totally natural and prepared in feilds . it makes the soil pores and increase water retaition capacity.

fertilisers-they r artificilly made in feilds . made of certain harmful chemicals . eccesive use can destroy soil fertility ad can cause soil corrosion. it gives many nutrients such as -phosphorus,

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 Wahhh phir sabko manures hi use karna chahiya

then y fertilizer r in use?????

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 manures-environment friendly                                                                fertilisers--not environment friendly

 ---rich in organic material                                                                       not rich in organic material

---long term benefit                                                                                  short term benefit

----good water holding capacity                                                           not good---benefit

----not easily soluble in water                                                                 easily soluble in water

----increases humus and soil                                                                   decreases

---do not kill friendly bacteria                                                                       kill them

---part of low cost farming                                                                         high cost farming

---not nutrient specific                                                                               nutrient specific


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who is the author of paradies lost?

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  John Milton

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john milton

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 manures are eco friendly product.

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 which chemical used for weedicides

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 manures r enviorment friendly while fertilizers are artifically made

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 What is hybridisation

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