What is the difference between marxism and liberalism ?

marxism is a political method of societal analysis that mainly focuses on class relations and societal conflict.this states that to tackle inequality in society we need to go beyond providing equal opportunities and try and ensure public control over essential resources and forms of property.
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1. When we look at differences, we can see that Marxism is a theory whereas Liberalism is an ideology. 2. Marxism talks of a social transition and in contrast Liberalism deals with the individual state of being. 3. However, both theses are very popular in the modern world and they are upheld by many communities around the world. 4. liberalism is focused on liberty and freedom, while Marxism is focused on economic equality. 5. Liberalism the tendency to use more of something than is really necessary,Marxism the tendency to designate one’s territory by “marx-ing” it with symbols or bodily fluids.
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