what is the difference between modern and traditional methods of irrigation in india???

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Irrigation is the practice of supplying water to crops through canals, wells, and waterways. The amount of water supplied to crops is extremely important as excess water can also damage crops.

Traditional methods of irrigation

Traditional methods of irrigation involve different ways of obtaining water from wells, lakes, and canals and transporting it to fields with the help of cattle or by human labour. Traditional ways of lifting water from water sources are as follows:

Pumps are used to lift water. They normally run on biogas, electricity, or solar energy.

Modern methods of irrigation

Modern methods of irrigation help save water. They include:

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the main differences between both the methods of irrigation is :-

1) traditional method of irrigation is time consuming, but modern method of irrigation is time saving.

2)In traditional method of irrigation water is wasted, but in the modern methods of irrigation (best example is drip irrigation) water is not wasted.

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modern---done with the help of sprinklers.covers lot of area.expensive

old---water pipes.excess labour.time consuming

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