what is the difference between monocot root and dicot root

The differences between anatomy of dicot and monocot root are already explained in the tabular form in the study material. Refer to the link http://cbse.meritnation.com/study-online/study-material/m7LdMfTrQu2d8Zdxt5yHYQ!!/Z2xchULNsDlVdyLCxrTYeQ!! and get back to us for further doubts. 

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monocot roots - whose seeds have a single cotyledon(seed leaf)

dicot  roots - a plant with an embryo bearing two cotyledons(seed leaves)

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In monocots embryo with single cotyledons &  in dicots with two cotyledons. 

In monnocots major leaf veins parallel & in dicots major leaf veins reticulate.

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in monocot root vascular bundles are scattered whereas in dicot root vascular bundles are arranged in a ring projected towards centre

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