What is the difference between nerve chord and notochord??

Dorsal nerve cord are the embryonic feature of chordates while ventral nerve cord forms the nervous system of some invertebrates. Nerve chord consists of a notochord, pharyngeal slits and post anal tail. Notochord is the chief distinguishing feature of Chordates, which is a dorsal longitudinally running rod. It lies between the dorsal nerve tube and the gut. It increases locomotory power and internal support. It probably evolved originally in the swimming larval forms of chordate ancestors. It still resembles something like its original form in few remaining group of non vertebrate chordates, but in most chordates it is mainly replaced during embryonic development by bony vertebrae of the vertebral column, or backbone

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 Notochords were the first "backbones" and found in vertebrates. While nerve cords are mostly found in invertebrates.

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 The notochord is the defining structure of the phylum Chordata, which includes all vertebrates. In its "mature" state, the notochord is a rod of large cells constrained by a thick extracellular sheath and positioned between the developing spinal cord and gut. Turgor pressure generated by notochord cells exerted against the sheath gives the notochord stiffness, imparting the mechanical properties required for one of its main functions as the central axial skeletal element of the developing embryo.

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