what is the difference between open vascular bundle & closed vascular bundle?

Open vascular bundle eg: dicot plants

Here xylem phloem and cambium are arranged one above the other in a vertical line.

Closed vascular bundle eg: monocot plants

Here cambium is absent. Hence xylem and phloem are arranged one above the other in a vertical line.

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in open vascular bundle cambium is present btw xylem n phloem 

in closed vascular bundle cambium is absent

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 open vascular bundles-presence of cambium possses the ability to form secondary xylem and phloem tissues.

closed vascular bundle-absence of cambium and they do not form any secondary tissues.

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Open vascular bundles are the characteristic of dicotyledons (dicots). The cambium present between xylem and phloem is called FASCICULAR CAMBIUM. In closed vascular bundles, the cambium will be absent (fascicular cambium absent) and they do not show secondary growth (closed for secondary growth).
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