What is the difference between parallelogram and rectangle?

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Rectangle Parallelogram
All angles of a Rectangle are also of 90 Degree each i.e. right angled at each vertex Angles of parallelogram can be of different degree
Diagonals of Rectangle are of equal length Diagonals of parallelogram are not of equal length


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go  to internet 
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parallelogram parallel sides are equal 

rectangle parallel sides are equal
parallelogram  angles are supplemantry 

rectangle angles are right angled
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in a rectangle all angles are of 90*
opposite sides are equal
​all angles are not 90*
opposite sides are parallel and equal
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It's analogous to the difference between a rectangle and a square. A square is a special sort of rectangle, with all four sides being of equal length. Similarly a rhombus is a special sort of parallelogram, with all four sides being of equal length. A rhombus is a parallelogram but a parallelogram is not a rhombus...
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