What is the difference between point to point and broadcast communication modes. Give one example

In point to point, the information is sent from a sender to a specific receiver i.e., from one point to the other point while in broadcast, the information is broadcasted to all the receivers simultaneously.

An example of point to point could be telephone call in which one telephone is connected with one other, and what is said by one caller can only be heard by the other and of an broadcast could be radio or television in which when a program is transmitted, it can be received by all the receivers.

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In point to point communication , we use to two terminals or two End points, One point send signals And second point receive these  signals.It's Example is: Telephone call. in which One person transmit calls and second one Receive this call..
  • Point to point comm:  we can't  use it for Too long distance..
  • direct communication b\w only two points
In Broad caste Communication: In this communication if one person transmit Signal It may Receive by more than one persons.. A common Daily life simple Example is :   ​Radio .: In which Radio Station sends signal and these Signals are received  by more than one person at same time
  • these signals are transmit through EM Waves: like Radio waves,AM waves
  • These signals  will send for too long distances,
  • signals may be in any form, from following
  1. Data Signals
  2. Audio Signals
  3. Video Signals
  • These signals with EM Waves  have High Frequency, more Energy so they travell long Distance.
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Point to point -- link between single transmitter and a receiver.. E.g.- Telephony Broadcast --- link between single transmitter and large number of receiver... E.g.- radio ,T.V,etc.😃
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single tansmitter with single reciver is called . to .
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This answer can be used as both definition and difference. Hope it will help you. Thank you.

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POINT TO POINT MODE:- It is the mode of communication in which there is a single transmitter and a single receiver.
                                            eg :- Telephone
BROADCAST MODE:- It is the mode of communication in which there is a single transmitter and large number of receivers.
                                      eg:- Television, Radio  
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