What is the difference between process and reaction?

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A  process is the method of changing one or more chemicals or chemical compounds. It may involve a single chemical reaction or a series of chemical reaction. 
A chemical reaction is accompanied by a chemical change, it is a change of a substance to a new one that has different chemical identity. 
For eg. conversion of water to vapour is a process and not reaction whereas reaction between acid and base is a reaction. 

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While a reaction is a kind of process in the broader sense of that word, in the chemical industry the term process usually refers to an engineered system for producing a chemical product, including one or more reactions, the equipment, the feedstocks, the separation methods, etc. An example of how a process is not the same as a reaction is that a given substance may be produced from the same precursors using either a batch process or a continuous flow process.
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Chemical reaction is a process of changing from one chemical state to another and chemical change is a change in the state of a material.Every chemical reaction leads to a chemical change …one is a process and other is an effect of the process.The changes that you see in theory (chem equations etc.) is a chemical reaction..
But, the changes that see you in the real life (between chemicals) is a chemical change..
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