what is the difference between replacement regional continuity model

according to regional continuity model:​​
1) homo sapiens were distributed in different parts of the world.
2) the rate of evolution was different in different regions.
3) this created difference in physical appearance

according to replacement model:
1) all the forms of older man was replaced by modern man.
2) originated in Africa.
3) changes in physical apparance due to adaptation.
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Regional continuity model- 1. Human evolved simultaneously in different parts of the world from local archaic human 2. There is regional difference in the features of modern humans. 3. Dissimilarity are due to differences between homo heildelbergensis and homo meanderthalensis Replacement Model 1. Human originated in Africa . 2. Archaic human were replaced by modern human . 3. Genetic and anotomical homogeneity support views, similarity is due to origin from a single region.
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Replacement or displacement
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The Regional Continuity model of human origin asserts that modern Homo sapiens developed from different regional populations of archaic Homo sapiens that had previously evolved from regional populations of Homo erectus. The replacement model asserts that there was a single origin of Homo sapiens in Africa and that these anatomically modern humans migrated out from Africa and replaced all other lesser-evolved humans throughout Europe and Asia.
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