what is the difference between root hair and trichome?

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Root hairs and trichomes are specialized structures on the epidermis of rhizosphere (soil) and aerial plant parts respectively. Root hairs are found in young roots near their tips whereas trichomes are found all over the stem, and in some plants, also in leaf and flowers. 
Root hairs are unicellular and unbranched whereas trichomes could be unicellular or multicellular, branched or unbranched. Trichomes could be glandular (secretory) or non glandular ( non- secretory).
Root hairs are used for anchorage, absorption of water, symbiotic association with N2 fixing bacteria (Rhizobium) etc. Trichomes, as leaf hairs, reflect radiation, lower plant temperature, reduce water loss by transpiration. Also , provide defense against insects, store and secrete substances like oils, resins etc.
Trichomes are covered with cuticle but root hairs are not.
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root hairs are epidermal projections present at the roots (at the region of maturation)
and trichomes are present stems ....(present in dicot stem )
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