what is the difference between spiracles and stomata

Spiracles are openings in the tracheal system[respiratory organs of insects].
Stomata is the opening between the guard cells of plants.
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Spiracles are those small opening in the tracheal system , in respiratory system of insects like cockroach.
Stomata is those small openings between the guard cells of a plant.

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spiracles are opening or wholes in the body of small insects like cocroches or grasshopers.
stomata are openings or wholes in leaves of plants for exchange of gases
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spiracles are present in insects where stomata is present in plants
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stomata and spiracles both are same but stomata is in plants , spiracles is in cockroach
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Spiracles are openings of the trachea in insects whereas stomata are openings between guard cells of plants. Spiracles are present on either side of the abdominal segments of insects whereas stomata are present randomly on the plant surface being more concentrated on the underside of leaves. Spiracles are guarded by valves whereas stomata are guarded by guard cells. Both are part of respiratory system and help in the intake of air.
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