What is the difference between the topics Direct and Reported Speech and Active and Passive Voice.

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Direct speech, as the name suggests, is a conversation in its direct form. It is written in its first form and therefore, written in dialogue, just as how a person would say it.
Example - Raju told Saju, "We must work hard for the examination."
Here the sentence is written as a person would speak it out.

Indirect speech or reported speech, as the name suggests, is indirect and is being reported by another person. Therefore, the dialogue form is changed.
Example - Raju told Saju that they must work hard for the examination.

When the main subject related to the verb behaves as or does the action, the sentence is in active voice.
Example - The boy is watching the movie.

When the subject related to the verb receives the action or is being acted upon, then the sentence is in passive voice.
Example - The movie is being watched by the boy.

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