What is the difference between trigonal pyramid and trigonal bipyramid shape. Plx explain wih examples.

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Trigonal pyramidal and trigonal bipyramid structures differ from each other, in the way that trigonal pyramidal structure has a triangular base and a pyramid on top, whereas, the trigonal bipyramidal structure has two pyramids , one on top and one on bottom of the triangular base.

In ammonia, four pairs of electrons (three bonding pairs and one non-bonding lone pair) repel each other, giving the molecule its pyramidal shape
Ammonia is triangular pyramidal in shape.

In SF4 molecule, the central atom, is S which has 6 valence electrons, out of which 4 electrons form bonds with four F atoms, and two electrons remain as lone pair. 
Thus, the structure becomes trigonal bipyramidal .


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