What is the difference between Vibration and Oscillation ?

Vibration: It is the repetitive motion of a body which may or may not be periodic. A vibrating body may not have a definite time period. Also the amplitude of vibration is generally small and changes with time. Example: The vibrating string of a guitar.

Oscillation: It is the periodic motion of a body about a mean position. It has a definite time period of oscillation and the amplitude remains constant. Example: A freely oscillating pendulum.

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According to me, both of them are the same but the context in which they are used is different.

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 In which contexts ?

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oscillation is rythmic process of object to continoue it's repeating at cirtain interval of time, That interval is almost constant or propotionately decreasing. Under stimulated external force with cirtain magnitude and direction produce oscillation of object, with continuously decreasing repeatation time interval in travelling path.

Vibration is just a random motion of an object within limited path of movement it doesn't show any rytham or continous repeatation or like that, So, vibration is random motion of object under external forces, doesnt follow any propotionality.

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