What is the difference between want and desire

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 Desire refers to the wishes or the things for which a human yearns for, such as buying a car or buying an expensive watch, etc. Such wishes may not always materialise into reality due to lack of purchasing power.However, when these desires turn into reality then they become the demands for that product

On a similar note, wants refer to the more specified demand. That is, wants are specified to an object which are culturally shaped within the human desires and needs, such as a Mercedes car or a Rolls-Royce watch.


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Wants mean which thing or service you have pay money after give things and you not pay money only think it's your desire and desire make possible want
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Want is a feeling for something you lack.?

Desire is an extension of a "want", with clear objective of filling the gap that "want" had left with.
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Want is something that you don't absolutely need but will make ur life a little better.

Desire is something you wish to have, regardless of your needs and wants.
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