What is the differences between indented key and bracketed key ??

Bracketed Keys Indented Keys
The bracketed keys keep the two leads of every couplet for and easier comparison of the alternatives The intended keys have the two leads of each couplet separated by the couplets following the first lead that making it difficult to compare with the alternatives.
The bracketed keys utilize the space in each page efficiently and so they are cheaper to print. There is wastage of paper because the keys utilize the right side of the page and so they are expensive to print
These are known as parallel keys These are known as yoked keys
They will group taxa They wont group taxa
They do not give a visual presentation of the group They give visual presentation of the group
Leads are far apart Leads are next to each other

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in indented key the paired cuplet choices are identified in the same way and given the same number

where as the bracketed key follows the same basic principle of contrasting choices given the same letter, symbol or number as an idented key.

the choices however are always placed on adjecent lines , thus requiring less room on a page and cuplets are kept togather.

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