what is the diFfrence between pLant and aNimal tissues ???

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Difference between plant and animal tissues:


Plant Tissue
Animal Tissue
They can change from one form to another
They cannot change from one form to another
They provide support
Some animal tissue helps in movement
The growth is unlimited
The growth is limited
categorized broadly into three tissue systems: the epidermis, the ground tissue, and the vascular tissue
can be grouped into four basic types: connective, muscle, nervous, and epithelial
They are also divided into meristematic tissues and permanent tissues
Manifestation of these tissues can differ depending on the type of organism

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 Plant Tissue,  Animal Tissue,

They are Stationary They are not stationary

Most of the cells are permanent Most of cells are Temporary

Cells keep dividing throught the year Cell stop dividing after certain time

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plant cells have cell wall and the amount of valucole is more.

But in case of animals cell wall is absent and valucole will be in less amount.

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  animal tissue are present in organisms which do not have olasts as well as cell walls

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