what is the diffrenece between aerobic and anaerobic respiration?

Aerobic respirationAnaerobic respiration

It occurs in the presence of O2.

It occurs in the cytoplasm and mitochondria.

It always releases CO2 and H2O as end product.

It involves production of high energy i.e 36 ATP.

C6H12O6  → CO2 + H2O + ATP ( Energy)

It occurs in the absence of O2.

It occurs only in the cytoplasm.

End products are mostly lactic acid and alcohol

It involves production of less energy only 2 ATP

C6H12O6 → Lactic acid /alcohol + energy

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Aerobic respiration is where energy is made using oxygen. This happens in activities such as running a marathon. Anaerobic respiration is where energy is made in the absence of oxygen. It's only a short term way of producing energy quickly i.e during a 10 sec sprint.

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aerobic respiration takes place in presence of oxygen nd anaerobic respiration takes place in absence of oxygen

in aerobic respiration complete breakdown of food nd partially breakdown of food occurs in anaerobic respiration

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