what is the economic importance of pollen grains?

pollen grains are used as food materials in olden days soldiers give pollengrains to there horse for increasing stamina

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 Pollen grains are rich in nutrients. Pollen tablets are very much popular in todays world. In western countries large number of pollen products such as syrups and tablets are available. Pollen consumption increase the performance of athletes and race horses. Pollen can be used in pollen banks in crop breeding programmes.

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Used in tablets,syrups,And food for horse and athletes in olden days.
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Pollen grains are rich in nutrients. It is used as food supplements. They are available in the form of syrups and tablets. Their consumption has increased the performance of athletes and race horses.
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Assignment on economic importance of pollen grains
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Pollen grains represents male gamete. The study of external morphology of pollen grain is called palynology. The pollen grains consists of two layers exine and intine. Exine exhinbhits fascinating array of chefely composed sporopollein . Intine chiefly composed of celloulose and pectin.
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Economic use of pollen grains
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