What is the effect of DNA of copying it is not cerseptly occurated all the reproduction process Hiw does the amount of DNA remain constant through is new generation is a combination of DNA copy of two individuals?

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DNA ( Deoxyribonucleic acid) copying mechanism is very important during the reproduction process. The genetic material present in our nucleus in the form of chromosomes is DNA. DNA contains genetic information in form of genes which are a unit of heredity passed on from one generation to another. These genes control protein synthesis in our body and thus controls all the functions of living organisms. DNA  copying also helps in creating variations during sexual reproduction.
All somatic (non- reproducing) cells in our body have two sets of chromosomes (one from each parent). But the germ cells (reproducing cells)  have only half the number of chromosomes (i.e, one set of chromosomes) present in their cells which can be from either of the parents. When two germ cells combine during sexual reproduction, they restore the normal number of chromosomes in the offspring. This ensures that the amount of DNA in a species remains a constant in the new generation.


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By meosies the DNA is passed into their offsprings.
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