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July 11, 2012 – London, England


What a busy day!  


To start off, I could barely sleep last night because of the hard bed we slept on (can’t say I don’t miss my own bed from home!) and because of my excitement at touring London for the first time!  I’ve always wanted to visit London, and I’m finally here! After Jim and I got ready in our tiny room, we went downstairs for our complimentary breakfast. The tea and pastries were delicious, and they made amazing pancakes! We asked the concierge about some hot spots she recommended, and with our list and map in hand, we were off!


Since our hotel is in a great central spot, we were able to walk to a lot of places. First, we wanted to see about getting tickets to a show for the evening, since London theatre is top notch.  Then we wanted to make our way to Buckingham Palace. What an experience! We wanted to try out London’s public transportation, and after having a hard time figuring out which way to go and which stop to take, we finally asked some locals, who were very friendly and helpful. The tube wasn’t very crowded, which was nice, and it wasn’t a very far ride, which was double nice!  Once we got off the tube, it was a bit of a walk to the actual palace, but since it was such a nice day (only a little London drizzle), we didn’t mind. Plus, the Palace grounds are absolutely gorgeous!! I think I found my new dream home. :) The gardens themselves are exquisite. We got to see the changing of the guards, which is one of the things I’ve always wanted to do, took lots and lots of pictures, and sent our regards to the queen!


Once our Buckingham Palace experience was over, we were already getting hungry for lunch.  So a guide at the Palace recommended a pub nearby that was within walking distance. Jim was especially excited about going to an authentic British pub; I was mostly really hungry and tired!  The pub, which was called The Frog and the Toad, was adorable, and the food and drink hit the spot! We asked how to get to the famous London Eye, and the bartender recommended taking a taxi, since that can be fun too! It was! Especially because they drive on the other side of the road. When we got to the Eye, we knew we’d have to wait in line, but we didn’t think it would be two hours! Oh well...we really wanted the experience, and it was a great way to see all of London without having to walk so much. :) There were other Americans in our little pod, too! They were from Texas and were just as excited as we were about the London experience.


After the Eye, we wanted to make sure to find a double-decker bus so we could see even more of the sights. Some highlights that we saw were Big Ben, the River Thames, and the Parliament building. Such history!!! Jim got his picture taken with everything! Our tour guide recommended a “charming little tea house” where we could experience afternoon tea. It was great to be able to sit in one place for a while and enjoy a bit of class. We felt quite elegant drinking our tea and eating our scones!  


We decided to head back to our hotel after tea for a much needed rest and to get ready for dinner and the show. Then, back out we went to a lovely bistro that our concierge recommended. It was delicious and romantic! We enjoyed it so much that we were almost late for our show! We rushed out of the restaurant and rushed over to the theatre (luckily it wasn’t too far away!!). We were very happy with our show choice, too; it was exquisite!  


After the show, we stopped at a little cafe for some coffee and then straight to bed! Jim passed out right away, but I just had to get it all down on paper while my head was still swimming with the day’s events...


I can’t wait to head out to Paris tomorrow afternoon after some more souvenir shopping! I’m sure I’ll have just as many details of our experiences, and I hope they will be just as good as London’s!


Until then...

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