What is the format of note making and report writing

See it in the resource book or diamond or golden supplementary books of english....
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Note making :
main heading( give a suitable heading)
1.sub heading 
    1.1 - 1.4 write 4 sub sub point 
2.sub heading 
    2.2-2.4 write 4 sub sub point 
3. Sub heading 
    3.-3.4 write 4 sub sub point 
4.sub heading 
    4.1-4.4 write 4 sub sub point 

key to abbreviation ( put this in a box and write at least 4 abbreviations )

summary ( give a suitable heading if any)
write 5-6 lines based on the points you have written and not from the passage. 
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Report writing:
   Reporters / writers name
( write place and date for newspaper reports)
introduction paragraph 
main paragraph
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