what is the formula for finding cost price?

when profit is given ,selling price -profit 

when  loss is given , selling price+ loss

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Finding cost price refers to the type of question you have. You first have to take CP as Rs.100 and find SP and profit at the basis of the question. Once you find it, you can simply write  SP = Rs. x, if CP = Rs.100, So, SP = { the amount given in question }, if CP = { your result }. 

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please answer the question with example.

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if profit=Rs 50 aand selling price=Rs250 then cost price=selling price-profit

=250-50=200 so cost price=Rs 200

if loss =Rs 100 and selling price =Rs 450 then cost price= selling price +loss

=450+100=550 so cost price=Rs 550

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There are many formulas for finding cost price, but it all depends on the type of question you get. For example,

Cost price = Selling price - profit ( when selling price and profit is given )

Cost price = Selling price + loss ( when selling price and loss is given )

Cost price = 100 x selling price / 100 + profit % ( when selling price and profit % is given )

Cost price = 100 x selling price / 100 - loss % ( when sellin price and loss % is given )

So, there are totally 4 formulas for finding the cost price in a given question ( but it depends on the information given in the question ). It is easier to use these formulas than substituting the cost price with a variable.

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to find c.p you use this four easy formulas

1.c.p.=s.p+loss (when loss and s.p. is given)

2.c.p.=s.p.-profit (when profit and s.p. is given)

3.c.p.=(100/100+gain% multiply by s.p.) Note-when gain% and s.p. are given

4.c.p.=(100/100-loss% multiply by s.p.) Note- when loss% and s.p. are given 

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what is formula of selling price

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 selling price=cost price-loss

selling price=profit +cost price

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Selling price can also be calculated as follows:

SP=(100+P%)*CP /100 

SP= (100-L%) *CP / 100

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very easy

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many ways to find cp



CP=SP*100/100+GAIN%{if sp and gain is given}

CP=SP*100/100-LOSS%{if sp and loss is given}

these are the formulas pls thumbs up hope it helped u:)

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