what is the importance of DNA copying in reproduction?why is variations beneficial to the species but not necessary to an individual? explain

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Variations are beneficial to the species than individual because sometimes for a species, the environmental conditions change so drastically that their survival becomes difficult. Thus, these variants help in the survival of the species under those drastic conditions. However, all variations are not necessarily beneficial for the individual organisms. With subsequent generations, these variations keep on accumulating. Thus, they produce organisms that are more evolved than his ancestors.

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DNA determines the body design of an individual. Thus, DNA copying plays an important role in inheritance of characters from parents to offspring,  it also helps in proper survival of organism by similar copying, errors during DNA copying leads to evolution.

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It's because mutations can be fatal. Variation depends on mutations but most mutations are harmful. The one which is not fatal benefits the individual of course, but it is the species which benefits the most. Individuals themselves are therefore better off without mutations


no variation is beneficial in a population until and unless adverse conditions arrive .During adverse conditions , some variations  may give survival advantage to some individuals , there by helping in the survival of the species

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