what is the importance of DNA copying in reproduction?

Organisms of the same species look similar because their body designs are similar. DNA contains the information necessary for the inheritance of features. Therefore consistancy of DNA copying is important for the maintenance of body design features that allow the organism to use that particular niche. It is necesaary to maintain the stability of populations of species.

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  • DNApresent in the nucleus contains all the information for the inheritance of feature from parents to offsprings.
  • DNA codes for all the proteins required by an individual.
  • Proteins control all the functions and the structure of an individual.
  • If DNA is not copied during reproduction , correct proteins will not be formed and the structure and functions of the individual will be entirely different.
  • Errors in dna copying lead to evolution
  • It helps in proper survival of organism by similar copying
  • It makes the organism look similar to each other

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dna coping leads to variation and also these variations help to survival of spieces

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DNA has the information to create proteins which lead to body design of the organism. If a similar individual has to be reproduced, the DNA should replicate to make an exact copy of itself. 
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DNA is the molecule which stores all informatiom of the organism.Therefore, in order to maintain similar body design and function in different generation,DNA copying is essential. DNA copying also produces variations which increases the survival chances of the organism.

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It is important because when a cell divides, it needs to produce an exact copy of the DNA for the new cell to have the information it needs to carry out its processes.

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