Iftikhar Alam , asked a question
Subject: Economics , asked on 20/9/12

what is the infrastructure on the eve of independence?

Rohit Aggarwal , added an answer, on 26/9/12
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Infrastrctre rfrs to d dvlpmnt of cmuncication and trnsportation faclities

at the eve of indepndnce it cnnt be denied dt though british imprvd infrstructre fr dre own prpse but it also hlpd india to dvlop

as railways wre introduced to trnsport d mterials frm 1 place to anthr it also hlpd india

roads wre mde to facilitate the transportation

Post and telegraph wre imprvd fr bttr administration

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Priya Chouhan , added an answer, on 31/7/13

What was the state of primary sector,secondary sector,tertiary sector of the Indian economy on the eve independence?

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Rj Ritsy , added an answer, on 27/7/12

meko bi ni aata ye plzz mjhe bi smjha do...iska ans book mai nai mila...

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