what is the life spans of :

Elephant, Rose, Dog, Butter fly, Crow, Banana tree, Cow, Parrot, Crocodile, Horse, Fruit fly,

Rice plant, Tortoise & Banyan tree ??

Due to time constraint we cannot give you the life span of all livng beings mentioned here. However, we are giving you lifespan of some living organisms. Please be specific while asking questions.

Elephant- 70 years.

Rose- not a specific lifespan reported. It can live for years and even a decade.

Butterfly- 1-2 weeks

Crow- 15 years

Parrot- 140 years

Crocodile- 60 years

Tortoise- 100-150 years

Rice plant- 4-5 months

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thanks vineeta , but are u sure with the life span of banan tree ??????? because i saw totally diff. answers every time !!!

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