What is the main idea of the play Mother's day has it been brought out affectivity by the writer

What is the main idea of the play mother's day has it been bought out effective
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The play mother's day tells us the significant position of women in the family.They work all day in home without any wages.no weekend off for them.so we should thank them and appreciate their work,dedication,patience.in this way play reveals about the sacrifice that every women had to make in her life.we should respect her and should be given rest.women are not any way inferior to men
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-that a woman have some rights in the family -her husband and children should share her wrok - the value of her wrok should be recognised-she has an important status in the family. Effectively brought out , though the playright has used an extraordinary method for doing so-persinalities are exchanged.Mrs Pearson takes a stand and refuses to be bulldozed - this can be done even without personality change and the desired results achieved.Mrs Pearson is heard and noticed by her family heard and noticed
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