What is the meaning of backward economy and vibrant economy?

a place which lacks developments like industries, basic needs, sanitation . where it's totally consisting of poor people, lacks eduation etc is backward economy whereas a place which is full of vibrant, enthusiasm is a vibrant 1.
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Backward economy is characterised by pre dominance of farming as a source of subsistence. It is driven more by the subsistence motive.
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vibrant economy is characterised by dynamic changes in terms of the emerging role of technology in the process of production.
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Why india is called as developing country
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stagnant ecomomy - a stagnant economy is an economy is an characterised by a prolonged period of slow economic growth
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Here I'm giving the definitions of all four types of economies i.e. 1.Stagnant Economy 2. Vibrant Economy 3. Backward Economy 4. Developing Economy

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