what is the meaning of mode of dehiscense

Dehiscence is a natural process of bursting of fruit, anther etc at maturity to release its contents(seeds, spores).
Mode of dehiscence-
1.Poricidal-When splitting or bursting occurs from a small hole or pore it is known as poricidal dehiscence. For example fungi, ferns.
2.Longitudinal dehiscence-When splitting occurs along the axis of fruit, anther etc. For example Lilium anthers

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Dehiscenceis the splitting at maturity along a built-in line of weakness in a plant structure in order to release its contents, and is common amongfruits,anther and sporangia.Sometimes this involves the complete detachment of a part. Structures that open in this way are said to bedehiscent. Structures that do not open in this way are calledindehiscent, and rely on other mechanisms such as decay or predation to release the contents.

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