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Vishva Shah , asked a question
Subject: Hindi , asked on 10/7/13

 what is the meaning of this word.  "visheshya की visheshta "


Savitri Bisht , Meritnation Expert added an answer, on 12/7/13

जिसकी विशेषता दी जा रही हो, उसे विशेष्य कहते हैं। जैसे-

राम अच्छा है।

यहा राम की विशेषता बताई जा रही है कि वह अच्छा है। अतः राम विशेष्य है। 

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Piyush Soni , added an answer, on 10/7/13

 Visheshya means the word described and Vishehshta means description . As a whole , it means The description of the word described, which is , offcourse , the Vishehshan

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