What is the meaning of virtual and erect image???

virtual image means the image that is formed by the extraplotting of light emitted from an object behind a mirror. these images cannot be obtained in a screen. on the other hand, erect image means non-inverted image

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virtal image means the image formed behind the mirror and which cannot be taken on the screen & erect means long and straight image.

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Dear user,

Erect  Image is an image  that is not inverted with respect to the object. For example virtual image produced by a concave lens is an erect image.

Virtual images are images that are formed at locations where light does not actually reach. Light does not actually pass through the location on the other side of the mirror; it only appears to an observer as though the light is coming from this location. For example-  image formed by a plane mirror.

@Ankit and Rohit; good answers, keep it up!!


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