What is the mening of harshly

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->An verb is a word  or phrase that describes a verb.
   Example: Manner adverb, Time adverb, Place adverb,etc..
=>Harshly is an adverb of manner of the word Harsh where 'ly' is added at the end of the root word. Harshly means very cruel or severe.

1)​Adverb of manner is an adverb which tells us about manner of how something is done.
2) Such type of adverbs are generally end with 'ly' such as cheerfully, badly. 
3) Sometimes 'ly' is not added in the using of adverb of manner. Example: Fast do not become 'Fastly'

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strictly or severely
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strictly bad
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Harshly is an adverb of manner of the word harsh. It means something is done severely.
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The word harshly means severely or strictly. It has been derived from the word harsh.

For example, The teacher punished Ram harshly.
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