what is the nature of the filtrate to blood plasma in ascending limb of loop of henle?

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Some important attributes of the ascending "Loop of Henle"-

1.It is the continuation of the descending Loop of Henle, after the sharp bend on the loop.
2. It is divided into thin ascending limb, found in medulla of the kidney; thick ascending limb which is found partly in the "Renal Medulla" and "Renal Cortex".
3.It is made of "Simple Squamous Epithelium".

The nature of filtrate exhibited by the ascending loop is:
1.Reabsobption of the sodium chloride which dilutes the urine.
2.This reabsorption produces concentration gradients, thus making the urine concentrated.
3.They also reabsorb large amounts of potassium, magnesium and calcium in an energy efficient manner.



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The thin descending limb has low permeability to ions and urea, while being highly permeable to water. The loop has a sharp bend in the renal medulla going from descending to ascending thin limb. Thin ascending limb of loop of Henle.
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