What is the net electric flux through a closed surface surrounding an electric dipole? Derive the expression for electric field intensity both inside and outside a uniformly charged spherical?call. What is the total charged enclosed by a closed surface if the electric flux entering and leaving the surface are 20000 N / Cm2?and 30000 N / Cm2?respectively??Given? Epsilon, not = 8.85* 10-12C2N-1m-2.

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By gauss’s theorem of electric flux, we know that electric flux is defined by :


φ =q(enclosed)ε

that means that the net electric flux is dependent on the net charge enclosed by the closed surface. for an electric dipole since the net charge enclosed is zero, hence the net flux is obtained to be zero.

therefore the net flux is zero 

Electrc field inside the shell is zero as there is no charge enclosed.

flux entering = 20000N/Cm2Flux leaving  = 30000N/Cm2net flux=10000 =104ϕ=qεq=ϕ×εq=104×8.85×10-12q=8.85×10-8C

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