what is the O.S and EAN of Cobalt in [CoF6]2+ respectively? please give its detailed explanation...

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O.S stands for Oxidation state of the central metal which is Co, in this compound.
now to calculate the oxidation state of Co in the compound we assume it to be x
since F- is a unidentate ligand it contributes -1 charge to the compound.

 The sum of oxidation numbers of all the atoms is equal to the charge on the molecule or ion.

x +charge on Flourine= charge on the compound

x+(-1)6 = +2
x = 2+6
x= +8

oxidation state of Co in the complex is +8

EAN stands for Effective Atomic Number . To calculate EAN in the compound [CoF6]2+
we need to calculate the no.of electrons contributed by each species

No.of electrons in the central metal is , Co = 27
No.of electrons in the central ion Co+8 is =(27-8)=19
now total electrons donated by the ligand is 12 (6 F- atoms donate 12 electrons)
therefore Effective Atomic Number = 19+12 = 31

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