what is the order of rotation and angle of rotation for rhombus ???

We know that if the rhombus is rotated by 180 degrees, then it appears as the original shape of the rhombus. Thus we say that after the rotation of 180 degrees, the given figure take the position of rotational symmetry. Furthermore, if figure is again rotated by 180 degrees, it again comes in the original form. Thus, we conclude that rotational symmetry of rhombus is at 180 degrees and at 360 degrees. Thus we say that the order of symmetry of rhombus is 2.
In case of rhombus, we find that the order of rotation of figure is 2.

Therefore, the angle of rotational symmetry = 360 / order of symmetry
= 360 / 2 = 180 degrees.

 It means that after the rotation of every 180 degrees, the rhombus will take its original shape. 

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order- 0

angle of rotation- 360

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order of rotation = 2

angle of rotation = 180 degree

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order of rotation = 2

angle of rotation = 180degree

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